Display Instagram photos from any non-private Instagram accounts, either in the same single feed or in multiple different ones.

The plugin is integrated into the theme so after theme activation you will be prompted to install it. This doesn't mean you have to use it. If you another preference, you are free to use it. 


  • Compatible with the June 1st Instagram API changes
  • Super simple to set up
  • Display photos from multiple Instagram accounts in the same feed or in separate feeds
  • Completely responsive and mobile ready - layout looks great on any screen size and in any container width
  • Completely customizable - Customize the width, height, number of photos, number of columns, image size, background color, image spacing and more!
  • Display multiple Instagram feeds on the same page or on different pages throughout your site
  • Use the built-in shortcode options to completely customize each of your Instagram feeds
  • Display thumbnail, medium or full-size photos from your Instagram feed
  • Infinitely load more of your Instagram photos with the 'Load More' button
  • Includes a Follow on Instagram button at the bottom of your feed
  • Display a beautiful header at the top of your feed
  • Display your Instagram photos chronologically or in random order
  • Add your own Custom CSS and JavaScript for even deeper customizations


  • Increase Social Engagement - Increase engagement between you and your Instagram followers. Increase your number of followers by displaying your Instagram content directly on your site.
  • Save Time - Don't have time to update your photos on your site? Save time and increase efficiency by only posting your photos to Instagram and automatically displaying them on your website
  • Display Your Content Your Way - Customize your Instagram feeds to look exactly the way you want, so that they blend seamlessly into your site or pop out at your visitors!
  • Keep Your Site Looking Fresh - Automatically push your new Instagram content straight to your site to keep it looking fresh and keeping your audience engaged.
  • Super simple to set up - Once installed, you can be displaying your Instagram photos within 30 seconds! No confusing steps or Instagram Developer account needed.


  1. Install the Instagram Feed plugin either via the WordPress plugin directory, or by uploading the files to your web server (in the /wp-content/plugins/ directory).
  2. Activate the Instagram Feed plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.
  3. Navigate to the 'Instagram Feed' settings page to obtain your Instagram Access Token and Instagram User ID and configure your settings.
  4. Use the shortcode [instagram-feed] in your page, post or widget to display your Instagram photos.
  5. You can display multiple Instagram feeds by using shortcode options, for example: [instagram-feed num=6 cols=3]

For simple step-by-step directions on how to set up the Instagram Feed plugin please refer to our setup guide.

Display your Feed

Single Instagram Feed

Copy and paste the following shortcode directly into the page, post or widget where you'd like the Instagram feed to show up: [instagram-feed]

Multiple Instagram Feeds

If you'd like to display multiple Instagram feeds then you can set different settings directly in the shortcode like so: [instagram-feed num=9 cols=3]

You can display as many different Instagram feeds as you like, on either the same page or on different pages, by just using the shortcode options below. For example:

[instagram-feed id="ANOTHER_USER_ID"]
[instagram-feed id="ANOTHER_USER_ID, YET_ANOTHER_USER_ID" num=4 cols=4 showfollow=false]

See the table below for a full list of available shortcode options:

Shortcode Options

  • General Options
  • id - An Instagram User ID - Example: [instagram-feed id=AN_INSTAGRAM_USER_ID]
  • width - The width of your Instagram feed. Any number - Example:[instagram-feed width=50]
  • widthunit - The unit of the width of your Instagram feed. 'px' or '%' - Example: [instagram-feed widthunit=%]
  • height - The height of your Instagram feed. Any number - Example:[instagram-feed height=250]
  • heightunit - The unit of the height of your Instagram feed. 'px' or '%' - Example: [instagram-feed heightunit=px]
  • background - The background color of the Instagram feed. Any hex color code - Example: [instagram-feed background=#ffff00]
  • class - Add a CSS class to the Instagram feed container - Example:[instagram-feed class=feedOne]
  • Photo Options
  • sortby - Sort the Instagram posts by Newest to Oldest (none) or Random (random) - Example: [instagram-feed sortby=random]
  • num - The number of Instagram posts to display initially. Maximum is 33 - Example: [instagram-feed num=10]

  • cols - The number of columns in your Instagram feed. 1 - 10 - Example: [instagram-feed cols=5]

  • imageres - The resolution/size of the Instagram photos. 'auto', full', 'medium' or 'thumb' - Example: [instagram-feed imageres=full]
  • imagepadding - The spacing around your Instagram photos - Example: [instagram-feed imagepadding=10]
  • imagepaddingunit - The unit of the padding in your Instagram feed. 'px' or '%' - Example: [instagram-feed imagepaddingunit=px]
  • disablemobile - Disable the mobile layout for your Instagram feed. 'true' or 'false' - Example: [instagram-feed disablemobile=true]
  • Header Options
  • showheader - Whether to show the Instagram feed Header. 'true' or 'false' - Example: [instagram-feed showheader=false]
  • headercolor - The color of the Instagram feed Header text. Any hex color code - Example: [instagram-feed headercolor=#333]
  • 'Load More' Button Options
  • showbutton - Whether to show the 'Load More' button. 'true' or 'false' - Example: [instagram-feed showbutton='false']
  • buttoncolor - The background color of the button. Any hex color code - Example: [instagram-feed buttoncolor=#000]
  • buttontextcolor - The text color of the button. Any hex color code - Example: [instagram-feed buttontextcolor=#fff]
  • buttontext - The text used for the button - Example: [instagram-feed buttontext="Load More Photos"]
  • 'Follow on Instagram' Button Options
  • showfollow - Whether to show the 'Follow on Instagram' button. 'true' or 'false' - Example: [instagram-feed showfollow=true]
  • followcolor - The background color of the 'Follow on Instagram' button. Any hex color code - Example: [instagram-feed followcolor=#ff0000]
  • followtextcolor - The text color of the 'Follow on Instagram' button. Any hex color code - Example: [instagram-feed followtextcolor=#fff]
  • followtext - The text used for the 'Follow on Instagram' button - Example: [instagram-feed followtext="Follow me"]