If the import stalls and fails to respond after a few minutes, or it fails with a simple error message like Import failed.
You are suffering from PHP configuration limits that are set too low to complete the process.

Likely Causes For Demo Import Failing

  • Your PHP memory, file upload size, and/or execution limits are set too low
  • Your web host uses process watching software that prevents bulk processing on their web servers.
  • You have wp_debug = true, please change that to wp_debug = false for the import in your WP config file
  • The import uses a JSON file which is loaded from the frontend of the website, this will not work when the domain is not connected to the WordPress installation.

Recommended PHP Configuration Limits

You should contact your web host and ask them to increase those limits to a minimum as follows:

  • max_execution_time  3600
  • max_input_time 3600
  • memory_limit 256M
  • post_max_size 64M
  • upload_max_filesize 64M
  • max_input_vars 3000 


How To Verify Your Current PHP Limits

You can verify your PHP configuration limits by installing a simple plugin found here. And you can also check your PHP error logs to see the exact error being returned. Please note though that many hosts will try to keep the PHP limits low without reason. However you are paying for it, and therefore should be getting your moneys worth.

After doing this you can reset your database using the WordPress Database Reset Plugin and try to re-import the demo data 

WARNING: Reset the database will make you lost all the data of your current WordpPress 


You can create a file name php.ini insert above values in that file and upload it on your WP root folder and WP-Admin folder.