After installing and activating the theme your can install the plugins that are included to the theme. You can choose the necessary or just install all the proposed plugins. You will be able to delete unnecessary ones later.

 After theme installation you will receive the following notification in the top.

In case you want to install these plugins, hit Begin installing plugins. We strongly recommend to install those plugins, so you will be able to create full layouts. In case you still do not want to install plugins, you can ignore this message by hitting Dismiss this notice.

If you hit Go Manage Plugins installing plugins

  1. You will proceed to Install Required Plugins section. 
  2. Now you can proceed to install ATOZ plugins. Please note that "Netbee Core" and "Visual Composer" are required plugins.

Info! If you need to install/find/uninstall/manage other plugins, please, visit Wordpress Codex Managing Plugins for Automatic Plugin Installation instructions, Manual Plugin Installation instructions and uninstall plugin instructions.