Since Envato has changed their terms and conditions regarding item support, introducing paid item support for Themeforest and CodeCanyon, you must read this carefully. You will have an inclusive 6 months of hands on support for that item when you buy a theme. At the end of that period you can choose to extend your item support for another 6 month, by paying a certain fee. Read further to find out more about item support, or click the button leading to the “What is item support?” article.


Click here to read Envato’s “What is item support?” article


Renewing or extending support


If you have less than 6 month support left and the author is continuing to support the item, you can choose to renew or extend the support subscription. The price is different depending on the period of subscription. For instance, it costs less to extend your support subscription while still active than to renew it after it has expired. 


  1. Login to the ThemeForest account and go to Downloads Tab.

  2. Go to your Superhero purchase and see how many month of support you have left. Also, check to see whether there is an “Extend now” link.  

  3. Click on “Extend now”, which will redirect you to the item page of the Superhero theme.

  4. Click on the “Extend now and save” button on the right hand side.

  5. After clicking “Extend now and save”, you will arrive at the checkout page. Confirm the payment details and follow the directions there to finish the process of extending.



What if I don’t renew the item support?


You will no longer have access to hands on support. However, you will continue to receive theme updates that have new features, bug fixes, patches and access to the community forum,  online documentation, help files, and video tutorials


When is it possible to renew the item support?


Shortly, at the time of purchase, during your support period, and after your item support has expired.


Know that at the time of purchasing the item, it will cost 30% of the list price, or 37.5% on the item price.


  • Support Upgrade – At the time of purchasing the item. This will cost 30% of the list price, or 37.5% on the item price.

  • Support Extension – Extend item support before it expires. This will cost 50% of the list price, or 62.5% on the item price.

  • Support Renewal – Renew item support once it has expired. This will cost 70% of the list price, or 82.5% on the item price.