After finishing a purchase, you will see that the download links are added automatically to the download area of Themeforest account. Those links will contain an Installation package or a Main File and also a License Certificate that includes a Purchase Code.

This purchase code is used for verification. This way you can fully register your product and also, you can receive theme support. 

How to find the Purchase Code

Step 1: Log in to the Marketplace account.

Step 2: Hold the mouse over the account name found at the top right section of the ThemeForest site.

Step 3: Click on the download menu item from the drop down menu and access the downloads page.



4. In the downloads page, search for Superhero

5. Click on the arrow link of the Download button found near the theme’s name.

6. Select the download link called “License certificate&purchase code”.

7. Download that link in PDF or Text format, and there you will see the Item purchase code.