Sometimes, problems regarding Memory Exhaustion appear because the settings of the PHP on your server don’t allow its language to use a bigger memory size. The recommended memory size is at least 96 MB. Superhero needs this amount of memory as well.

Find out How to Increase PHP Memory Limit from your Server

Using HTACCESS file


Sometimes, users don’t have access to the php.ini file to change the settings, but their hosting service provider does allow them to increase the option using the HTACCESS file. HTACCESS is a file in Unix based in servers that can be added through the FTP or the control panel of a server at the root folder of the website.

You most probably will see it there by default, but if not, you can simply add a text file, change the name and extension of the file to .htaccess, and then open it up with any text editor. To increase the PHP memory limit using the HTACCESS file, you need to add the code below to the end of the file:

php_value memory_limit 94M


Important: This way of increasing the memory limit is possible only if your hosting service provider allows you to do so. Contact him for more information.


Contacting Your Hosting Service Provider

If you use the services of shared web hosting plans, you most probably will not have access to php.ini or have permission to change the memory limit from the HTACCESS file. For such cases you need to contact your hosting service provider and ask them to increase the PHP memory limit from their side.

Using PHP.INI file

The PHP language settings can be accessed through a file called php.ini. You can open up that file with a simple text editor such as Notepad in Windows or TextEdit in Mac, and start editing. If you have full access to your server, you need to find the file as well as the line below; if it isn’t there, add one as follows:

memory_limit = 96M

The line above will make sure that your PHP memory limit is enough for normal functionality of Superhero.