Visual Composer is the mandatory plugin for Superhero in order to achieve correct and full functionality. When you want to update our themes to the latest versions, you may also need to update the Visual Composer plugin. You will need to follow the steps below for that.

1. Access the Plugins Menu 

Go to WordPress Admin Menu > Plugins > Visual Composer (Artbees Modified)

2. Deactivate Visual Composer 

Deactivate the Visual Composer plugin.

3. Delete Visual Composer 

Delete the Visual Composer plugin.

4. Access Theme Plugins Installer & Install Plugin

Go to WordPress Admin Menu > Appearance > Install Plugins and you will see the new version of the Visual Composer listed there.

5. Activate Visual Composer

Go to WordPress Admin Menu > Plugins > Visual Composer and activate the new installed plugin there.

Important: You will not lose your customization done through Visual Composer by uninstalling and deleting it, because all the information is saved in the database.