Increase Website Speed – Having a slow website is a common problem that many website owners have. There are some good workarounds for this problem which will help to speed up the website. Here is a list of methods which can be used to speed up the website.

Increase Website Speed

1. Reduce the size of images.  

Exporting images suitable for websites is an important point to the speed up process. Here you can find some tips and tricks about well known Photoshop software regarding website suitable images:

Format to Choose

PNG, JPG and GIF image formats are mostly used for website projects. PNG format is used for graphical elements and parts of design which need transparency support. JPG format is used for photos and slideshows. GIF format is used for small graphical elements or animated graphics. Try to export your design parts to different formats to get the lowest sized image with the best quality you can.

Save as Web and Devices

This is a feature of Photoshop to export your graphics specifically for web. This method is using good compression methods which will help lower the size of the exported image without losing too much quality.

Export Image

The Save as Web window is accessible from the Files menu. Always try to check the lower left side of the page for the size of the image and manipulate the top right options to get the best result in preview mode. The important thing is finding a good tradeoff between quality and image size.

JPG format has options below:

  1. Quality: A higher quality will result in a bigger image
  2. Progressive: This feature will make the page load in different phases on some browsers, but it increases the size a little bit.
  3. Embed Color Profile: This option will guarantee that the color variation you see on your display will be the same for other displays, but it will also increase the image size

PNG format has options below:

  1. Transparency: You should enable this if you have transparent sections in your image. It mostly increases the image size.
  2. Interlaced: The same progressive idea but for PNG format. It increases the image size.

GIF format has options below:

  1. Transparency: You should enable this if you have transparent sections in your image. It mostly increases the image size.
  2. Colors: The more the colors used, the bigger the image size.

Posterize method for PNG format:

If the PNG format is used, there is a good option called the Posterize (under Image -> Adjustments -> Posterize) menu which will reduce the file size.


Finding the best level to do this effect is different for each image. The best way is trying to find lowest level possible without changing the image too much.

2. Image Compression.  

Even with the best export option from graphic software there is still room for compassing images to reduce the size without losing quality. We will introduce a web based service, a Mac app, and a Windows software for this goal.


Smush.It is a web service from Yahoo where you can upload your images and download the compressed version of them after some process.

Image Optim

There is a very robust app for Mac users called ImageOptim. Just drag the image to the app and it will compress and replace it with the original one. Simple and free. (Click Here for more information)

Image Optim

PNG Gauntlet

PNG Gauntlet is a windows software which works great when it comes to PNG compression. Working with it is easy and it is free. (Click here for more information)

PNG Gauntlet

3. Using a Cache Plugin.  

One of best methods to speed up the website is reducing the server requests for the website. This can be achieved by caching the website and serving the cached version of pages instead of requesting the whole backend process from the server. One of best plugins in this area is WP SUPER CACHE plugin. The plugin installation process is easy and similar to every other plugin.


The options of the plugin are easy and can be accessed by Settings -> WP Super Cache menu inside the WordPress dashboard. (Click here  for more information)

WP Super Cache Settings

4. Using CDN

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. It is a method of distributing different assets like images and media files between different locations with the goal of reducing the main server load. This method boosts the speed of the website to a great extent. There are many CDN providers on the market. Here is the list of recommended ones by us:


This service has a free plan which is enough for most personal websites. Needless to say by purchasing other plans from this service the website speed sometimes increases two times. (Click here for more information)


This is a professional service and has different plans to choose from. They provide a very robust and satisfactory. (Click here for more information)


This is one of most famous CDN services on the market provided by Amazon. If you are a professional webmaster and have a website with a large amount of information, this service is for you. (Click here for more information

5. Choosing the hosting provider.  

Last but not the least is choosing a proper hosting provider. The fact is if you try your best and implement all kinds of speed up techniques but your hosting provider is bad, all your efforts are in vain. It is very important to choose a robust and reliable hosting provider to make your website work properly. There are millions of different providers on the market, but we came up with three, which we think will suit WordPress and our theme the best.

WP Engine

The best provider for websites built in WordPress. The company provides hosting services and also monitoring and maintenance suggestions are included in their plans. They also handle the caching of the website and tons of other extra stuff. It is definitely one of best choices in the WordPress community.

Media Temple

Another great hosting service provider with a high uptime rate and suitable for WordPress enabled websites. They have different plans to choose from which gives a freedom to customer. They recently added WordPress hosting packages which seems promising. (Click here for more information)

Blue Host

Blue Host is the most famous web host among all three of our suggestions. This is a good web hosting provider too which has different plans to choose from. (Click here for more information) There are many factors when it comes to website speed in general. We tried to cover best practices in this article, but there are methods which can be used for sure that we did not list here. We suggest that you always search for new methods for increasing website speed on the world wide web.