Superhero’s back-end allows for plenty of customization and heavy style. However, if you wish to add your own Custom CSS rules, we suggest you add the Child Theme. This way, you can modify it and benefit of the theme updates. In order to make the child theme, install it from the downloaded file of Superhero, the file being called You simply install it like any other theme.  When you will need help, we are here for you. We suggest that you use some Inspect element in order to find the exact class selector, its rules and re-code.

Custom CSS – What is Inspect Element?

You should know that every browser has a useful tool. If you right-click on the window it will appear. 


Activate “Inspect Element” in the browser, and you will see a panel like the one below. 

  1. Click on the zoom icon and activate the inspect feature.

  2. Click on the CSS rules of the element you need to alter.

  3. The HTML content will appear in the left panel in order to be sure that you have inspected the right element.

  4. Check the right hand and the Class selector name.

How to override the rules

In two ways:

  • This is suitable for only when there are few modifications. In this case, use our custom CSS option. Go to Theme Options - General Settings - Custom CSS and add your code there.

  • If you want to do more than simple changes, use a child theme and add your css in style.css of child theme.