Subheader settings

  1. Subheader - Enable or disable subheader.

Background settings

  1. Background element style - Select background type of subheader ( simple image or gallery ).
  2. Image position - Set image alignment.
  3. Size - Set image size, initial, contain or cover.
  4. Attachment style - Set background image type, Initial, Scroll or Fixed to make the parallax effect.
  5. Repeat - Set if you need to repeat or not the image.
  6. Background color - Set a background color instead using a image for subheader background.
  7. Color scheme style - Set dark or light option, depends the color scheme of your background.
  8. Subheader Overlay - Set if you want a color overlay over the background image.

Subheader video settings

  1. Subheader video - Set if you want a video as a background.

Content settings

  1. Subheader parallax effect - Set if you need to use the parallax effect or not.
  2. Title - Display title or not.
  3. Page Title - Add your custom title for this page.
  4. Subtitle - Display subtitle or not.
  5. Page subtitle - Add your custom subtitle for this page.
  6. Breadcrumbs - Enable or disable page breadcrumbs.
  7. Full window height - Set the subheader full browser height.
  8. Subheader height in px - Set subheader height.
  9. Text alignment - Set position for title and subtitle.